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How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer – A guide by Honeydew Moments

01 July 2019

The most important questions to ask before hiring your wedding photographer! How to choose your wedding photographer After choosing your fiancée/fiancé and your venue, your photographer is probably the next most important decision you’ll make about your wedding day. Your wedding photographs are some of the very few tangible things which last beyond the wedding…


6 Secrets for Planning the Perfect Wedding Timeline

16 May 2019

Planning your wedding day timeline can seem like a confusing task at the beginning. You may have only been to a handful of weddings before and aren’t sure how long things take so it can be tricky to start to create your own wedding day timeline. Fortunately, I’ve been to a lot of weddings and…


4 Secrets to Nail your Confetti Photos

22 April 2019

4 Secrets to Nail your Confetti Photos I love confetti and I love confetti photos- it’s no secret! I always ask my couples if they’re having it, if they’re providing it and when it’s happening. Its the most fun walking through an aisle of all your closest friends and family as they shower you with…


5 Steps to the Perfect First Kiss

07 March 2019

So many brides I chat to tell me that they’re not one for being in the spot light and often say the part they are most nervous about is walking down the aisle and the first kiss! ‘How do we do it?’ ‘How much is too much?’ ‘I’ll feel so awkward with my nan watching…