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a professional third-wheel and your new best friend!

For those of you who don't know me, I’m Natasha: a wedding photographer, home decor enthusiast and wannabe puppy owner who thrives off pop-punk music and Haruki Murakami books.

I offer heartfelt photography for modern romantics captured with real dedication and genuine warmth. I've been photographing weddings by myself since 2016 and it's an amazing world full of happiness, love and cake!

I truly believe I will capture the best photographs of you when you're comfortable and relaxed. In order for this to happen, we need to be a good fit together!

I'm not just a supplier that you hire and then the next time you see me is when I rock up on your wedding day with a camera and shoot it. I could do that, I could show up as a photographer and shoot your wedding and probably do a good job. But that's not me, your wedding day is more than that to me. It should be more than that to you too. I want to show up on your wedding day, not as a photographer, but as a friend!

I'd love to hear more about you and your relationship!

My favourite thing about being a wedding photographer:

My favourite thing about my job is capturing your relationships.  Not just between you and your partner, but also between you and your best friend from Uni or your hilarious uncle!

Sometimes I get to capture a mum become so emotional in a wedding ceremony because she is so close to her daughter, they're almost sisters! She's watching her baby get married and it's such a big moment for her.

Sometimes a brides dad isn't in her everyday life but is invited to the wedding, they'll have this amazing emotional moment later on in the day together and you can see it brings them closer together.

Sometimes I get to document elderly relatives that unfortunately pass away shortly after the wedding but they have these gorgeous photos to remember them by.

I get to witness all of this. I'm allowed to document this. I get to stop time for just a moment so you can relive this moment again and again. It's so amazing to get this snippet into people's lives for this one day. I am so grateful that I get to do this for a job!

Watch the video below to hear me chatting about how I work on your wedding day and what I can do for you!

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My couples are looking for a wedding photographer who 'gets' them, who entertains their crazy ideas, who cheers them on when they kick their shoes off and spend the rest of the day barefoot. They don't mind getting their dress a little dirty if they know it will make for an epic photograph! My couples are relaxed and know their wedding might be emotional but also one hell of a party!

They also tend to book me for my couple portraits. I'm known for my golden hour photographs and have even been dubbed 'The Queen of Sunsets' by a few of my brides! I'm absolutely giddy for pretty light and you'll know because I'll be jumping around showing you how gorgeous it is!

My hope is that you'll find my style to be fun, romantic, creative and candid. Your love story should be captured by a photographer who is dedicated to getting to know you and the details that make your relationship truly unique and that is what I love about my job. The inside jokes, the stolen glances, the reasons behind every little detail is exactly the reason I enjoy what I do so much.

I put my heart and soul into every shot because I love what I do, and that's what love stories deserve! You deserve a photographer who truly cares, who is truly invested in you two as a couple. Because that's me! I care so much about my couples that you can normally find me welling up in the vows and definitely during the speeches!

Like I said, I'm not just a supplier, I'm a friend. 



There are some things that I truly value in my business and the way I approach my work. In order for you to get to know me and to figure out if we're the right fit, you need to know what I believe in...

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I believe it's so important you're comfortable with me so you can relax for your photographs and I can capture the true 'you' in your relationship.

I'll always aim to meet you before you book with me or just after to answer any initial questions and to make sure we're a good fit. A little further on in the process I also love to visit your venue with you both too to see where everything is happening. Finally, a few weeks before your wedding day, we'll meet for a drink to go over your timeline and any last minute questions you may have.

Throughout the process, I'll be available to you through Text, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, Skype or in person.

So by the time your wedding day comes around, we're besties!

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If you're struggling to find a make-up artist who will listen to what you want? I've got you!

You want a wedding band who is guaranteed to keep the dance floor packed? I know a couple of them too!

Once you're booked in with me, I send out an amazing list of my personally recommended wedding suppliers. I also send you handy hints and tips throughout your wedding planning to make your life just a little bit easier.

I work with you and your wedding venue to create your wedding timeline to ensure things run smoothly on the day and that the timings make sense.

I'll be there to guide you throughout your wedding planning!

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You may not realise now, but once your wedding day is over, you're left with just three things: your partner, your rings and your photographs. So invest in them wisely.

It breaks my heart to hear from couples who didn't invest in their wedding photographs and how much they regret it afterwards.

These photographs are your legacy!

If you think about it, your photographs are the only thing from your wedding day which increases in value as time passes on as they get handed down through generations.

I truly believe in the value of photographs and I hope you do too.

If I sounds like the type of photographer you'd like with you on your wedding day, I would love to hear from you!

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