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Lesbian Wedding at Margam Orangery

Zoee first got in touch with me for her lesbian wedding at Margam Orangery after the venue recommended me to them! Funnily enough, both the bride’s names are Zoe! Although one of them is spelt with two ee’s! What a match!

They met on tinder and it was love at first swipe! Zoe also has a wonderful little boy who has grown to love Zoee just as much as his mum and it’s so sweet to see this family together.

The Proposal

I knew before I met Zoee in person that I wanted to marry her, we had an instant connection, an instant love and we weren’t afraid to tell each other how we felt for one another. We had been living together around 3 months, 3 amazing, happy months as a little family when I plucked up the courage and rang her mum to ask her ‘permission’ to ask Zoee to marry me. I carefully chose and ordered a ring that was completely Zoee. For a couple of months I prepared a video of messages we had sent to one another, photos of the memories we’d already made as a little family and spoke the things I felt about her, I put it all together to a song she had once played me saying it reminded her of me and it had made me cry happy tears. I made a cute little den in our lounge, I put fairy lights up and laid candles and rose petals everywhere. When it was ready I bought her into the den I then played her the video which bought tears to her eyes and when it was done I finished with the all important question “will you marry me!?”


Lesbian Wedding at Margam Orangery

They loved the venue because of the simplistic beauty and they decided to choose October because of the autumnal colours.

Their ceremony was perfection, with the sun streaming through the big windows and their own personal vows. It was such a special Margam orangery wedding ceremony. They laid the chairs out in two semi-circles facing each other and married under a beautiful archway.

They exited the Orangery under rainbow heart confetti which was so gorgeous! Then they enjoyed the autumn sunshine with their guests for their drinks reception.

Zoe and Zoee always wanted a relaxed wedding day but still with lots of fun. They had games on the tables during the dinner, very relaxed speeches and a wonderful first dance which included confetti cannons! They also planned a surprise Macarena dance straight after their first dance which all guests took part in too!

This was such a fantastic lesbian wedding at Margam Orangery. It was one of those wedding I never wanted to end!

If you’re planning a wedding at Margam Orangery or an LGBTQ+ wedding at any other venue, I would love to hear from you! Get in touch here!