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Autumn Inspired Wedding at Kingscote Barn, Cotswolds

I recently had the pleasure of capturing an incredible Autumn-inspired wedding at Kingscote Barn in the Cotswolds. Matt and Maisie love the vibes and the colours that autumn brings so much that they brought that into their decor at their August wedding day!

The bridesmaids wore a deep burnt orange, the flowers were autunmnal colours and green was featured in their decor and Matt’s suit.

The couple tied the knot amidst the rustic elegance of the venue. Every detail, from the decor to the attire, exuded a sense of romance and style that perfectly complemented the autumnal theme.

The warm and inviting colour palette chosen by the couple enhanced the natural beauty of the surroundings. Rich burnt orange hues, earthy greens, and touches of gold brought a sense of warmth and coziness, while still maintaining an air of chic sophistication.

As the day unfolded, I had the privilege of capturing countless heartfelt moments. From the genuine smiles shared between family and friends to the tender glances exchanged during the ceremony, love was truly in the air. Maisie is a big sunset fan, just like me. So we were both crossing everything that they would get a golden hour on their wedding day. It was touch and go whether we would get one or not. But the sun came out and we found a patch of wildflowers to take their golden hour wedding portraits in!

As a photographer, it was an honour to document this beautiful autumn-inspired August wedding. From the heartfelt moments to the modern and stylish details, each image captured the essence of this special day. The combination of rustic charm and chic elegance, infused with the warmth of the autumn vibe, created an unforgettable celebration of love at this autumn-inspired wedding at Kingscote Barn.

Autumn Inspired Wedding at Kingscote Barn, Cotswolds

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