Are you looking for some photos of your work?

As a wedding photographer I am always happy to share images with other wedding suppliers who've worked hard on weddings we've been at together.

However, please remember that we deal with 100s of you a year and we are giving our time away for free to get these images to you.

It’s a lot of additional admin so please do not expect my response to be prompt especially during wedding season when my paying clients are my priority.

The photos won't be with my clients until 8-10 weeks after their wedding. If you fill out this form before that time frame I'm afraid I won't respond. I will aim to sit down once a month to respond to suppliers so please expect a lead time of up to 4 weeks.

Please read the Terms and Conditions below. By filling out the form below it is assumed you agree to the Ts & Cs.

Terms and Conditions:

These are the terms and conditions for wedding suppliers who wish to use the images created by Honeydew Moments for their marketing.

The copyright of the images remains with the photographer and the wedding supplier understands that they have no rights or ownership of the images.

The photographer gives the wedding supplier permission to use the images for their social media & website only.

The wedding supplier can not under any circumstances edit the images, this includes Instagram filters.

The wedding supplier must credit the photographer with every use across social media to include but not limited to Instagram posts, Instagram stories and Facebook posts.

The accounts to credit are:
Instagram: @honeydew.moments
Facebook: @honeydewmoments

If the wedding supplier wishes to use the images on their website then they must credit the photographer with a link back to their website which is

Any use of images without the appropriate credit will be subject to a fee of £35.00 per image used.

If the wedding supplier wishes to use the images in print then this will be subject to an additional fee and must be discussed with the photographer first.

Under no circumstances can the wedding supplier give images to any third parties without discussion with the photographer first. This includes but is not limited to online wedding blogs, magazines and media.

By agreeing to the terms the wedding supplier understands that using the images outside of the terms detailed is breach of the photographers contract and could be subject to legal action.

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By submitting this form it is understood that you agree to the above Ts & Cs.