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Why I chose the Canon R6 over the R5

After writing about why I’m switching to a mirrorless system from my DSLR, I wanted to follow up with which mirrorless camera I chose and why! So this is why I chose the Canon R6 over the R5.

I know a lot of people will think I’m crazy for opting to lose 10MP from my current camera set up! But hear me out!

These are the reasons I chose to buy two 20MP Canon EOS R6’s over the 45MP Canon EOS R5!

Why I chose the Canon R6 over the R5


There are so many similarities between both of these cameras that at first. It can seem very difficult to decide which is right for you! They both use the same incredible AF eye-tracking which is mindblowing! But there are a few key differences that made me choose the R6 overall.


Obviously having a 20MP camera compared to a 45MP camera means that the file sizes are going to be much smaller.

The resolution on the R5 is 8192×5464 whereas the R6 has a resolution of  5472×3648.

- Cropping

For the past 3 years, I’ve delivered my wedding galleries with their photos sized to 4500 on the long edge. This means that even with the R6, I still have a small amount of room to crop. I’m not a heavy cropper anyway, it’s usually just straightening the horizons which leaves me plenty of room with this resolution. 

– Data Storage

If I went for the R5, the file size are almost double that of the R6. When I’m shooting upwards for 3000 photos per wedding, that’s a lot of data to store!

Bigger file sizes mean more memory cards, more hard drives and storage space, all of which costs more money. 

- Workflow Speed

Having larger files also means my workflow would be slower as I’m importing, culling and edited. Weddings aren’t the fastest to edit as the best of times. I wanted to avoid making my workflow even slower with huge file sizes.


The R5 uses a faster style of memory card called a CFExpress card. Due to the fact the files are so large, it needs this extra power in the memory cards. But with extra power comes a hefty price tag. You’re looking at £250+ for a 128GB card whereas standard SD cards are £33 for the same size.


I chose the R6 over the R5 because I felt I’d be paying for features that I’d never use. The R5 and R6 are so similar in so many ways apart from file size (which we’ve covered) and their video capability. The R5 can shoot video in 8K which is great, but I’m a photographer and I’d never use this feature.


The price difference between the R5 and R6 meant I could purchase two R6’s for almost the same price as just one R5! The R5 is currently selling for £4299 and the R6 for £2599.


There’s a secret benefit to the 20MP of the R6. The fewer pixels on the sensor, the better the low light capabilities and dynamic range! This means the camera works incredibly well in low light with minimal noise and grain even at very high ISOs. This is brilliant for wedding photographers who often shoot in dark churches or venues.


The R6 at 675g is ever so slightly lighter than the R5 at 738g. One of my main reasons for switching from DSLR to mirrorless was to carry less weight on long wedding days.


I’ve had my camera for a couple of weeks now and I’ve got to say I’m incredibly impressed! It’s so fast, lightweight and my old lenses have a new lease of life when using the adapter. The eye-tracking is amazing for people and animals!

If you’re on the fence about the R5 or R6 I hope this blog post on why I chose the Canon R6 over the R5 helps you with your decision!

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Why I chose the Canon R6 over the R5

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