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Tredegar House Family Photoshoot – Tomsa Family

The Tomsa Family and I had the most beautiful photography session at their Tredegar House Family Photoshoot.

Rhian is a photographer herself and she photographs children and babies all of the time. She has the most beautiful photograph of her children already so it was slightly daunting when she asked me to capture her family!

The weather was on our side, it was a sunny winters morning, not too cold but fresh.

We explored Tredegar House gardens and found the best light for their family photos.

The kiddos, Hallie and Rogan, are total naturals infront of the camera. It must be something to do with having a photographer mum!

We also took the time to capture some romantic photos of the parents too. I fully believe the romance is still there even when you have children. It was lovely to capture their love together as well as for their children.

It was a perfect Tredegar House family photoshoot!

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“After the kids having chickenpox on our wedding day, I was bursting for some family photos, but obviously I was going to be fussy!

Honeydew Moments you have exceeded what I had envisaged. Thank you so much, words can’t describe what these mean to me! You are AMAZING!

They are absolutely exceptional! Admittedly I’m the hardest to please kind of person. But can’t stop looking at our photos and each time I fill up. Thank you! Thanks, Natasha, you’re a beautiful soul. I can’t believe how many amazing photos you’ve given us. Cannot cope! I’m truly so grateful!”

Rhian Tomsa