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Rain on Your Wedding

Rain on your wedding day can cause panic to set in. You’ve spent months, maybe years planning this day. You wake up on the morning of your wedding day, look out the window and are greeted with torrential downpours!

What do you do!?

The best advice I can give you is don’t panic! I know it’s easier said than done but the weather is the only thing you can’t control on your wedding day.

You’ve hired a creative photographer who will have plenty of ideas to create some amazing wedding photographs – whatever the weather.

What I find is that normally when it’s raining, there are breaks throughout the day in the weather where the rain eases up.

This means we can pop outside at this point If it doesn’t let up all day, group photographs can be done inside and they can still look amazing.

If your guests are up for braving the rain I always carry a few clear umbrellas with me to every wedding. This means you can still get your group photographs outside. However, you and your guests will definitely need to be brave enough!

Once it gets dark that’s when the creative stuff can really happen with the rain where we can use backlit flash!

Prepare for anything

Scope out inside locations at your venue beforehand

Be flexible with the time schedule

Bring spare shoes

It all comes down to you getting married to the love of your life. Despite the weather, this will still happen and that’s all that matters.

The rain may not be the most ideal weather. However, it can give you beautiful photos. It can create a cosy atmosphere for your guests and make your day even more special.

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Rain on your wedding day and how to deal with it!


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