Mr & Mrs Towells- Somerset Farm Wedding Photography

Mr & Mrs Towells- Somerset Farm Wedding Photography

Lucy and Lewis’ Farm Yard Wedding was the epitome of DIY and they nailed it!

An early start at Lucy’s parents house meant all the girls were still in their pyjamas. The make-up and hair artists were setting up and Lucy’s parents had croissants in the oven for everyone. Last minute farm reception venue preparations we’re going on around the girls as they got ready. Light’s were being strung out, cheese blocks assembled into a beautiful cake formation, and hay bales brought over from the farm next door. Since the farm venue could be seen from Lucy’s parents house, the bridesmaids could keep an eye (through binoculars!) and make sure everything was running smoothly whilst getting ready!

The planning that had gone into this wedding was apparent from the outset. Especially as Lucy had gifts of gorgeous silver earrings for each of her bridesmaids for them to wear on the wedding day and keep as a keepsake; a really touching idea. Furthermore she had everyone in gorgeous satin robes with their wedding role on the back too. The girls then helped to lace each other into their gorgeous grey dresses, the colour theme that ran through the day was a beautiful soft grey and a vibrantĀ orange offset against the bright blue of the men’s suit.. Lucy fell forĀ a fishtail, strapless lace wedding dress with a fingertip veil which flowed down the back. Not to mention the incredible midnight blue, glitter Jimmy Choos!

St Josephs Church in Portishead was less than a five minute drive away and due to Lucy growing up going there, it made the ceremony special and personal. Lewis’ nephew was the cutest Page Boy in his mini-suit which matched the rest of the groomsmen’s. As soon as Lucy walked in, glowing and radiating with such a beautiful smile, all Lewis’ nerves disappeared. Because he was marrying his best friend.

Lucy’s grandpa had close ties with her childhood church hence he has a beautiful memorial bench in the church grounds. The bench sits at a perfect place to look over the Severn Estuary and across to Wales where Lucy’s family has roots.

The reception was held at Tower Farm, next door to Lucy’s parents house, everyone was itching to see how the marquee looked after everyones hard work, I don’t think anyone was disappointed! The inside was strewn with orange and blue handmade paper pom-poms delicately hanging from the rafters. Whilst tall tree branch vases, entwined with fairy-lights, adorned the middle of the tables and minimalistic, fanned out, grey napkins sat in each place. But the cake toppers stole the show- the couple had had themselves made in exactly their wedding outfits for the top of the cake!

The speeches were fantastic as Lucy’s dad, Lewis and Lewis’ best man, Lee, all retold stories from childhood and not so long ago too. Ironically, both Lucy’s dad and Lee decided the best way to suitably embarrass the couple was to dig out their old childhood toys!

In conclusion, it was a perfect day for such a lovely couple and I wish them eternal happiness!

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