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Mr & Mrs Lupson- Veils and Bales- Humanist Tipi Wedding Petersfield

The Story

Brooke and Gareth  are really two people to admire. They planned and organised their entire Tipi wedding whilst living in UAE . They only visiting the UK a few times to finalise details! The two met whilst teaching abroad in Saudi Arabia. Brooke was a food tech teacher and Gareth a geography teacher. They previously tied the knot exactly a year before, on a secluded beach in Saudi. The pair wanted to have a celebration in the UK so their family and friends could enjoy it too.

The Morning

The morning at Brooke’s mums house in Southsea was full of excited girls. Brooke, her mum, bridesmaids and the lovely hair and make-up team too from Georgina Chambers  MUA. It was a warm July Saturday and bouquets we’re being finished, a humungous bottle of champagne was being drunk and the cats were milling around the chaos. Over at the Old Drum Pub in Petersfield, Gareth was totally cool choosing his tie to match his kilt. He headed down to their Tipi to greet their guests for their humanist ceremony!

The Humanist Ceremony

Humanist ceremonies are all about making it personal to you. There’s no script to follow, it’s non-religious and it aims to focus on the personality of the couple. Brooke and Gareth’s humanist ceremony was incredible. It had beautiful and funny readings from their siblings and a friend to perform a gorgeous song. It was an emotional time for everyone.
As a nod to Gareth’s celtic roots, the couple chose to ‘jump the broom‘. This involves the couple literally jump over a broomstick to symbolise jumping into their new life together. The broom symbolises sweeping away their past.

The Reception

The couple opted for a rustic picnic style wedding breakfast and it was perfect for the tipi wedding venue. Freshly baked pork pies, long batons of crusty bread (sometimes used to hit family members!), massive blocks of cheese, olives and sundried tomatoes made for an interactive and fun meal.

We escaped the Tipi to take a trip with the bridal party into the nearby forest to play with some smoke bombs. We practised with smoke bombs on Brooke and Gareth’s engagement shoot so we half knew what we were doing. Although there was a little more champagne involved this time! After sending the bridal party back to the field with their champagne, we caught some more intimate moments where they could reflect on their wedding day together. A tear may have been shed when realising what an amazing day it had been so far. We then stumbled upon a gorgeous wheat field just as the sun was setting.  We got back to the Tipi just in time for Brooke to hijack into the ice-cream truck to serve her guests!

It was such a fantastic day, thank you SO much for having me at your humanist tipi wedding!

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