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Micro Weddings in Cardiff


Are you planning an intimate micro wedding?

COVID-19 has meant new rules for weddings which means you might be considering having a small celebration with just your most special friends and family.

Even in a post-covid world, a micro wedding still might sound better for you!

I offer micro wedding photography packages on any day throughout 2021 or Monday-Thursdays going forward.

Micro Weddings in Cardiff

There's something so special about saying 'screw the pandemic, I want to marry the love of my life!'⁠

Marry now, party later!⁠🥳

"Natasha was amazing, relaxed and friendly with our guests putting everyone at ease while seamlessly juggling group photos, capturing candid moments and orchestrating blissful stolen minutes for us at sunset. We could gush for hours about the finished product but really we think Natasha’s photos speak for themselves. All we will say is our photos fill us with sheer joy and reflect us as a couple perfectly and what more could you ask?

- Mr & Mrs Humphries - May 2019

Micro might mean small in guest numbers but it certainly doesn't have to mean small in any other sense!

Wear that expensive dress, have those beautiful floral installations and obviously hire that amazing photographer to capture it all!

And you know what, it doesn't even mean small in terms of time too!

You can have 'getting ready' all the way through to the first dance at the moment!

The only thing you can't really do is big party dancefloor dancing with your guests. But music and musicians are allowed so entertainment can still be provided.

You can still have sparklers or other fun night time activities too. You can also do games like 'Mr & Mrs' and provide fun table games for the evening time too.

1. It’s super relaxed and there’s no strict schedule.


2. You can be 100% you.


3. You get to share it with the very most special people.


4. You’ll have a chance to talk to everybody you invite.


5. You’ll have more budget to spend on the important things, such as your wedding photography!

Take a look at some of my favourite photographs from some 2020 Micro Weddings in Cardiff and beyond below!

Like what you see?