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Labyrinth themed Elopement – Boho Cornwall – Mr & Mrs Scriven

24 February 2020

I was so excited for this Labyrinth themed elopement. Labyrinth is my absolute favourite movie of all time, so much so that it’s actually a running joke in my family. Whenever anyone asks if we should watch a movie, my whole family then chorus: “NOT LABYRINTH!”

So when Zoë and Ste got in touch to tell me about their Labyrinth themed elopement at Boho Cornwall, I was over the moon!

The Labyrinth is most definitely our inspiration for our wedding. From the boys character brooches, to the lantern to hold the wedding rings in, to the masks we will wear. We want to create a whimsical, fairytale, 80s movie kinda vibe!

Zoë and Ste met 6 years ago and they knew pretty quickly they were right for one another. Back in 2014, at the very last moment of the year, Ste asked Zoë to be his wife.

The proposal

We were at a friend’s bar celebrating New Year’s Eve. After many a month of Zoë complaining her ring finger was cold, I had prepared to propose in the last minute of the year 2014.
I pulled out my pocket watch with the ring on the chain and said in the last minute of the year. “Will you marry me?” This caught the attention of the entire room! As the clock struck 12 everyone celebrated not just New Years but our engagement also!

Side note: I asked our best friend Tom who is not technically savvy to film the entire moment. When looking back on this… he had the camera in selfie mode. We have a lovely video of toms reaction to our engagement!

The couple have a gorgeous son together which meant the wedding plans got pushed back a few years. But their Labyrinth themed elopement was all the more special to have Jacob there with them.

The Wedding Day

They only took 3 guests down to St Just near Penzance in Cornwall to watch them marry at Boho Cornwall. They took Zoë’s mum, their best friend Tom and their Son, Jacob.

The ceremony was incredibly romantic. Ste met Zoë at the foot of the grand staircase and they danced together. They danced past the candles that lined the room towards the fireplace. They read their own vows aloud to each other in front of the flickering candles.

I cannot explain how romantic this intimate ceremony was.

After the ceremony, Ste and Zoë sat down and read their very rare Labyrinth collectors book to Jacob. He loves Labyrinth just as much as they do. They toasted with champagne at cut the ‘worm’ cake made by Ste’s mum.

It was such a blustery day but the couple were absolute troopers. They headed down the Cornish coast and braved the waves for their couple photos. There was even two seals in the ocean bobbing around and watching us on the beach! It was such an incredible Labyrinth themed elopement and I feel truly honoured to have captured it!

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HMUA: Jules Spergeon

Dress: Allure Bridals

Suit: Dark Angel Clothing

Video: Baxter and Ted

The Review

In tough times (such as these last few weeks) its important to reminisce about good times, fun times and all round love. To look at a photo and remember the sounds, emotion even the smells of that moment, that is true magic.

Anyone can take just a picture, but not everyone can capture true magic, unless your Natasha. When she turned up on our day, it was like meeting up with a distant friend. What a daring and fun adventure we had, braving the waves of Cornwall, something we will never forget. To her encouraging eagerness to get those last few shots in before we wrapped up the day, those last few pictures being something you only could ever imagine in your head, now brought into existence with a click. Natasha is a magician, she captures magic.

There would be no other soul we could recommend as a photographer other than Natasha. Thank you for your friendship, humour and craft on our special day. “

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