So… what is it?

Engagement shoots, pre-wedding sessions, love shoots… there are so many different names for these couple sessions. Whatever you want to call it, they all pretty much describe exactly what it is.

It’s a great excuse to show off your engagement, it’s a way to practise having your photo taken together before the big day, but it’s primarily a time to capture your love for each other!

I always think, in this digital age, the majority of couples have lots and lots of selfies together, which is awesome! But do you frame a selfie? Unlikely!

My main goal during these sessions is to create gorgeous artwork which you’d happily frame and put up around your home. I want you to be proud of your love for each other, being in love is awesome!

Where do we go?

I suggest choosing somewhere which means something to you both personally, this could be a local park, the place you got engaged or where you had your first date. Don’t worry, I have plenty of ideas if you get stuck!

But I’m not getting married?

You don’t have to be getting married to book in a couple session with me, all I ask is that you’re totally in love. You can be already married, not married yet or hoping to marry soon!

Although if you are getting married, you can use your couple session photographs for your wedding stationary, table names, invites or save the dates!

How do I get the photographs?

You will receive your session photographs in an online gallery ready for you to download and share to your hearts content.

I also offer a gorgeous linen guest book album to show off your engagement photographs next to the well wishes of your friends and family at your wedding.

*Drop me a message to receive my couple session brochure*