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BEST OF 2021 – Honeydew Moments Wedding Photography

At the end of every year I love to reflect on how the year has gone, what did I enjoy, what changes do I need to make within my business going forward and what would I like to achieve in the following year? But when I was writing last year’s round up, I had no idea what 2021 was going to look like!

A Mental Year!

This year has been mental. that’s the best way to describe it. The first 5 months we were in various different lockdowns and weddings were still banned. They eventually were allowed back in May and I shot my first (micro) wedding of the year on May 10th!

I finally captured my first ‘normal’ wedding on June 26th 2021 and I know that was only 6 months ago but whoa, it feels like a lifetime!

Between May 10th 2021 and December 13th 2021, Honeydew Moments captured 62 incredible wedding days! To put that into perspective, previously I’ve shot around 30-35 a year so this was essentially two years worth of work squeezed into half a year. 

To say I was busy would be an understatement!

With more time out of the office capturing wedding days, less time was spent in the office on editing. The backlog of editing was piling up and turnaround times had to be extended. I’ve never ever wished for a cloning machine more in my life!

But we did it!

Social media, blogging, newsletters and accounting went entirely out the window this year which means a busy winter catching up.

But all our lovely couples got their dream weddings, people hugged each other a little tighter, every guest was so grateful to be there and people partied harder than ever!

We photographed every single one and we never had to cancel due to covid or isolation – that’s a miracle in itself! So I’ll take that as a win!

Some fun statistics!

62 weddings photographed!

7787 business miles driven!

305,797 photos culled!

2021 Wedding Photography Roundup!

So here it is, my 2021 roundup, my favourite photo from every single wedding this year!