bath botanical gardens engagement shoot
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Bath Botanical Gardens Engagement Shoot – Hanna & Haydn

I met Hanna and Haydn for their Bath Botanical Gardens Engagement Shoot one sunny evening at the start of June.

We’d previously had to rearrange this session 3 times. But it turned out all for the best as the weather was perfect!

Hanna and Haydn met when Hanna was just 17 through mutual friends and their relationship blossomed from there! Haydn was in the Navy at the time but always found the time to meet up with Hanna.

They’ve been together for 12 years this year and have two wonderful children together, Amelie and Hugo.

Haydn proposed in the most romantic way:

“It was our 10th anniversary so I surprised Hanna with the news that I had arranged a babysitter and treated us to a night away at Berwick Lodge Hotel. We were both excited & unknown to Hanna I had made many preparations for our stay. As Hanna started getting ready for dinner, I popped out for some ‘fresh air’ to conspire with hotel staff of the plans we’d made months earlier.

We enjoyed our dinner and Hanna wasn’t suspecting anything out of the ordinary. I suggested that we should take an evening walk together. We began to walk outside and talk when we saw some candle lights at the other end of the garden by the statues. I suggested we should go and be nosey. However, Hanna was initially too scared in case they were for someone else. I convinced her with no one in sight, that we should just keep walking.

As we got closer, I was trying to remember the small speech I had perfectly rehearsed all week. Once we got close to the statues, Hanna noticed that there were outdoor lanterns glowing, a table with flowers, candles and rose petals with two chairs and a bottle of champagne. I said I had one more surprise for her, that the beautiful scene was set out here for us!

She couldn’t believe it! Just as I had just built up the courage to start my proposal, she went to sit down! She thought the surprise was just the candles, champagne and flowers! I asked her if she could stand back up, which she did hesitantly. I held her hands, told her all the reasons why I loved her and then I got down on one knee, revealed the ring and asked her the big question. She still looked so surprised, however said yes very happily. We spent the rest of our evening in the garden, drinking champagne, laughing, talking and Face-Timing family!”


The Wedding Plans

They decided Berwick Lodge was the perfect place for their wedding day too so they married in August! I can’t wait! It was back in 2017 that I captured my first Berwick Lodge wedding, see it here!

This Bath Botanical Gardens Engagement Shoot, was so pretty see more here!

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